Secretary’s Message

The redesigned website of Federal Govt. Employees Housing Foundation was launched in January, 2010. This website provides comprehensive and up-to-date information relating to FGEHF’s Housing Schemes, its Policies and Procedures, Site Plans etc. This is being continuously monitored and updated regularly for the convenience of the users.

The FGEHF is also in the process of launching new housing schemes for the public as well as for government servants. Membership Drive Phase-I (Aug-2009 to Feb-2014) was launched by the FGEHF on ‘first come, first served basis’ whereas Membership Drive Phase-II (Apr-2015 to Sep-2018) was launched by the FGEHF on ‘age-wise seniority basis’. Under these schemes 36914 in Membership Drive Phase-I and 111950 in Membership Drive Phase-II registered members would be able to get houses, apartments or flats of their own choice. I hope the information given on the website will be useful for the interested users.

Director General’s Message

Federal Government had taken a major initiative to provide shelter to its employees on self-financing basis through Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation. Since its inception in 1989, the Foundation has provided shelter, in the form of houses and developed plots, to more than 22000 Federal Government Employees.

The Foundation has worked with a missionary zeal and has a large canvas in front to paint. This has been possible due to dedication of the officers and staff and those associated with the function of the Foundation. For this welfare responsibility, sincerity, devotion, skills and commitment are the tools in my team’s kit.

It is a privilege to be associated with this task and I am determined to contribute all in my powers on this journey towards prosperous Pakistan. I am confident that this Organization shall pave a track that will be followed by others.