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Phase-II Islamabad (Sectors D-12, E-12, I-8 and G-11)
Phase-II of the housing scheme was launched in 1992 when CDA confirmed the availability of 2940 plots. The Housing Foundation paid the cost of all the plots in 1993, which included development cost of plots. The CDA has demanded additional development charges @ Rs.650 per Sq. Yd. The development of D-12 is in progress by CDA. The CDA has promised to start development of E-12 with in this financial year after completion of acquisition process.

 Phase-III Islamabad (Sector G-13 & Sub Sector G-14/4)

 The Phase-III of the Housing scheme was launched in 1996 in Sector G-13 which was acquired by the Foundation directly through the Land Acquisition Collector without involving CDA. The award for the land was announced by the LAC in the year 1999 at Rs.2, 30, 000/-per kanal. The Sub-Sector G-14/4 was acquired by the Housing Foundation, for Quaid-e-Azam University for their Housing Scheme through the Land Acquisition Collector without involving CDA. The land, surplus to Quaid-e-Azam University, was handed over to the Foundation and formed part of its Phase-III. According to the planning carried out by CDA, 5964 plots of different categories in Sector G-13 and 1410 plots in Sub-sector G-14/4 have been created.

 Present Status of Sector G-13 Islamabad

 The PC-I for the development of infrastructure in G-13 was approved for Rs.3106.473 million. It was decided that CDA would develop the Sector as “Deposit Work”, within three years. The Infrastructure Development Work in G-13 commenced in June 2004. The contract for infrastructure Development has been awarded to M/s FWO whereas design Consultants of the project is M/s NESPAK.

The construction activities on Civil Components of Infrastructure i.e. Roads, Storm water Drainage System, Sewerage System & Water Supply System are in progress in full swing. These components are expected to be complete by the end of December 2006.

 The detailed design of electrification component including grid station has been verified by IESCO and they are expected to issue the demand notice shortly. The demand notice issued by SNGPL has already been paid and it is expected that they will complete the development work in the next calendar year.

 The sector G-13 is divided by Railway track. An under pass is proposed to be constructed at railway line on North Service Road whereas an over head will be constructed on Main Road No.1. M/s RAILCOP is expected to start the construction of underpass and over head bridge shortly.

 The CDA has completed the tendering formalities for the construction of 100000 gallons overhead tank and 50000 gallons underground tank. The construction work is expected to start shortly.

Progress of Development Works

·      Roads  89.0 %

·      Drainage System  98.5 %

·      Water Supply System     99.5 %

·      Sewerage system   95 %

·      External Electrification by (IESCO)  50%

·      Suigas (Work yet to start by SNGP)            -

 Present Status of Sub-Sector G-14/4 Islamabad

 The PC-I for the development of infrastructure in Sub-Sector G-14/4 was approved for Rs.703.540 million. The Development Work in Sub-Sector G-14/4 is being carried out by FGEHF on its own. The Infrastructure Development Work in Sub-Sector G-14/4 has commenced since September 2004. The contract for Infrastructure Development has been awarded to M/s NCL whereas the Consultant for Construction Supervision and detailed designing of the project and construction supervision has been entrusted to NESPAK.

The construction activities on Civil Components of Infrastructure i.e. Roads Drainage System, Sewerage System & Water supply system are in progress in full swing and expected to be complete by the end of December 2006.

The IESCO has issued the demand notice for the establishment of electrification infrastructure network, which is under process for payment. The SNGPL is also being pursued to issue demand notice for the establishment of gas infrastructure network.

 Phase-IV Islamabad (Sub-Sectors G-14/1,2,3 & G-15/3,4)

 The Phase-IV of the FGE Housing Scheme has been initiated in Sector G-14/1,2,3 &G-15/3,4 Islamabad. The Land Acquisition Collector issued the Notification under Section-4 for Sector G-14/1, 2 & 3 in 2002 whereas the award for the acquisition of land was announced by LAC on 29.1.2005. In addition to G-14/1, 2, 3 a pocket of G-15/3,4 (On East of G.T Road) has been formed part of the current scheme. The Notification under Section-4 for the acquisition of Sector G-15 pocket was issued by the LAC on 25-03-2005. Further processing and award is in process.

 The Scheme was launched on 16th December 2003 after wide publicity through National Press. About 80,000 brochures were sold whereas 48000 applications were received back. There will be approximately 6500 plots of different sizes in this scheme. The scrutiny of applications is in process. Provisional offer letters are being issued to applicants who qualify under the age wise seniority.

 Present Status of Sub-Sectors G-14/1,2,3 & G-15/3,4 Islamabad

 The initial planning of the Sector was been got carried out through Pakistan PWD, which was submitted to CDA for approval. The planning wing CDA has issued the approved plans of Sector G-14/1,2,3 and G-15/3,4. As per approved planning, there will be 6553 plots of different categories in these sectors.  

 The Acquisition process is in progress and expected to be finalized soon. An amount of Rs.1.820 billions has been placed at the disposal of LAC for disbursement to the land owners. The LAC has been requested to allow assessment of built up property in the area so that after taking possession of these sectors, development activities could be initiated.

 Phase-V Islamabad (Housing Scheme for Low Paid FG Employees in Sub-sectors G-11/3, 4)

 The Housing Scheme for Low Paid FG Employees was launched by the Prime Minister on 11-04-2005. In this scheme which is a pilot project, 1000 Flats of three different categories are being constructed as Phase-V. An area of about 211 Kanals has been earmarked for these flats in Sector G-11/3 & G-11/4 Islamabad. M/s NESPAK have been appointed as Consultant of the project and will be responsible for detailed designing and construction supervision.

The detail of different categories of flats to be constructed is as follows: 

Cat.                 BPS                No. of Flats               Covered Area          Price

C                     14-16              240                             1100 Sft                    Rs.1800000/-

D                     7-13                312                             900 Sft                        Rs.1450000/-

E                     1-6                  448                             700 Sft                        Rs.1200000/-

Present Status of Phase-V

After computer balloting, the apartments have been allotted to the successful applicants. At present construction of 974 Apartments of different categories (i.e. 456 E-Type, 320 D-Type and 198 C-Type) is progress. The tendering formalities of remaining C-Type are in process. The whole project is expected to complete by the end of financial year 2007-2008. The Plans and elevation of three different categories of under construction apartments are given as under:

·         C-Type Apartments

·         D-Type Apartments

·         E-Type Apartments

FGE Housing Scheme at Regi Lalma Peshawar

Peshawar Development Authority floated the Housing Scheme at Regi Lalma Town Ship in 1995, where a share of 1125 plots was earmarked for the Housing Foundation. All the plots have been allotted. The Development Work has been started at site, undertaken by M/s National Logistics Cell.


Phase-I Karachi (KDA Scheme No.33)

The Land, measuring 115.0 acres in 6 pockets was acquired in 1991 in KDA Scheme-33 for Housing Foundation Schemes. The Phase-I comprising of 219 plots was floated in the year 1992 on 22.75 acres. The Development work has been carried out by the Housing Foundation and is complete. Along with carrying out infrastructure development, 9 houses have also been constructed by the Foundation.

Phase-II Karachi (KDA Scheme No.33)

The Phase-II comprising 300 plots (on 31.387 acres) was launched in 1999. Its Development work is in progress and progressing at a satisfactory speed.

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