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PROJECT/SCHEME NO:                   FIRST
Name of Scheme: Phase-I
Location: Sectors I-8 & G-11          
City: Islamabad
Year of Launching: 1989
Total No. of Plots: 1791

Introduction of Scheme

FGE Housing Foundation launched its 1st Housing Scheme for federal government employees with the title of scheme as "Phase-I" in year 1989.

CDA allocated 1791 number of plots in sectors I-8 and G-11. Housing Foundation allocated these plots to various categories from BS-22 to BS-1 as per term and conditions laid down in the brochure.

As per approval of the scheme that constructed houses would be handed over to federal government employees.

1595 houses were constructed and handed over to eligible federal government employees who applied in the scheme on ownership basis but 196 houses could not be constructed due to dispute of land. 

However, after clearance of disputes raw plots were handed over to the Allottees instead of constructed houses.


PROJECT/SCHEME NO:                   FIRST
Name of Scheme: Phase-I Extension
Location: Sectors I-8 & G-11          
City: Islamabad
Year of Launching: 1991
Total No. of Plots: 1164

Introduction of Scheme

CDA allocated few more plots of various categories in sectors I-8 and G-11 to Housing Foundation for federal government employees in year 1991.

Title was given as "Phase-I Extension"

Phase-I Extension Islamabad (Sector I-8)

In Phase-I Extension, 1226 plots of different categories were handed over to allottees on merit.

Special Allocation Islamabad (Sectors D-12, E-12, I-8, G-10 & G-11)

The CDA allocated 481 plots of different categories to Housing Foundation in 1996 which were allotted to officers/ officials of the Aiwan-e-Sadr, Prime Minister’s Secretariat and others under the direction of the competent authority.  All plots stand handed over to the allotees.


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